As ride-hailing prepares to make its local debut Thursday, Erie County’s top prosecutor said he’s confident the service will help reduce drunken driving.

“We want to see a decrease in the number of DWIs and, more importantly, we want to save lives,” John Flynn told reporters Wednesday. “That’s what we’re here for. That’s what our jobs are for. And hopefully, ride-sharing here in Buffalo and Erie County will do just that.”

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The hearing for Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino concluded Wednesday morning in Albany after five days.  But it could be several weeks several weeks before New York State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia renders her decision. WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says attorneys delivered their closing arguments.

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It is official for 180 University at Buffalo Medical School graduates embarking on new careers. During a ceremony Tuesday at the Center for Tomorrow, they put on the full-length white coats worn by doctors - not the short coat worn by medical students - and swore an ancient oath.

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A relatively small group of people who attended a recent a public hearing on policing in Buffalo insisted there major problems that must be addressed. One after another, people who attended the Tuesday night forum told stories of problem encounters with police. Several retired officers agreed work is needed.

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A daredevil who died after plunging over Niagara Falls in an apparent stunt with an inflatable ball might have brought a boa constrictor along for the ride.

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This is an incredibly productive chapter in the comic career of Paula Poundstone. She continues to tour and will perform Friday night at 7 p.m. at Babeville. She continues to be a regular contributor for NPR's quiz show "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!" and has launched her own podcast "Live from the Poundstone Institute." In a conversation with WBFO, she also has taken to authoring a new book, which has been receiving some positive reviews despite a long and confounding title.

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A new group of Say Yes Buffalo scholars are gathering at WNED | WBFO Studios for a two-day college kick-off event. WBFO Senior Reporter Eileen Buckley says it is a chance for about 180 city students to learn more about college life.  

The typical nine-to-five shift is no longer the norm for millions of workers as the gig economy continues to dramatically expand.

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Western New York's representatives on Capitol Hill are urging the federal government to keep pilot training rules in place that were implemented one year after Flight 3407 crashed in Clarence, killing all aboard and one person on the ground.

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The hearing for Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino is expected to wrap up Wednesday in Albany.  The school board is trying to remove Paladino for violating executive session rules. But the issue of his controversial Artvoice article, containing racist remarks against the Obamas last December, took center stage Tuesday.  Paladino testified he does "regret" making those remarks.  WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley spoke with our Albany correspondent Karen DeWitt who was in the hearing room for Paladino's testimony Tuesday.  

Charges of public corruption against New York State Senator Rob Ortt have been dismissed.

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While admitting that passage of the Senate's version of healthcare legislation is far from certain, Congressman Tom Reed defended elements of that bill and some of the thinking behind it during his weekly conference call.

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Locally raised actor William Fichtner is back in Buffalo to make his directorial debut.

One week after the New York State Legislature declared the 2017 session over, Gov. Andrew Cuomo commanded lawmakers to return for a special session, beginning at 1 p.m. Wednesday, to deal with some unfinished business.

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Carl Paladino supporter Larry Quinn was the first to testify at Tuesday's hearing before State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia. Then Paladino finally took the stand on the fourth day of his removal hearing.

Sometime Tuesday, the public may find out why Ross Cellino and Steve Barnes are fighting to dissolve their personal injury law firm.

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What to do about Buffalo's Central Terminal has been a local question for decades. Now, a team of experts on development is in town to study the issue and make some recommendations on Friday.

When the state legislative session ended on June 21, lawmakers left behind a lot of unfinished business, including a failure to act on ethics reform proposals made in light of the economic development scandal in the Cuomo administration.

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The New York State Education Department hearing on whether Carl Paladino should be removed from the Buffalo School Board for leaking private information in the board's executive sessions could conclude as early as Tuesday. On day three of the proceedings, the petitioners seeking Paladino's removal rested their case and the Buffalo businessman and former gubernatorial candidate's defense began.

The announced expansion plans for the Albright-Knox is not only good news for the cultural scene, it will also add to the economic vitality of Elmwood Avenue. According to Jim Fink of Business First, the museum's investment is the latest development for a stretch of the city that is generating major economic activity.

Jeremy Nash, the Rochester Police officer who was shot and wounded Saturday night, has been released from the hospital.

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On the same day the Congressional Budget Office issued its assessment of the Senate's proposed health bill, the Cuomo Administration offered its own sharp criticism of a bill they say will prove devastating to everyday New Yorkers while seriously harming efforts to battle an ongoing opioid addiction epidemic.

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What used to be a Buffalo public school building will be reopened this fall for an expanding local charter school. Monday morning, officials with the Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School explained their plans for the former School 40 on Clare Street.

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The former president of Erie Community College has died.  William Mariani, currently serving as executive vice president at D'Youville College, died unexpectedly Sunday.  

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Seneca Nation President Todd Gates and North Collins Town Supervisor John Tobia on Monday signed an agreement that will provide safe drinking water for the hamlet of Lawtons in North Collins. It is one of three areas in Western New York cited for having tap water that was a health threat in a recent report from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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Two high school students from Western New York were the top Kenny Award winners hosted by Shea's Performing Arts Center.  The event recognizes students in high school musicals.  WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says Monday evening the local students will be attending the National Jimmy Awards in New York City where they are among 74-high school students competing for Best Actor and Best Actress. 

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The Carl Paladino hearing continues for its third day in Albany Monday afternoon. The Buffalo School Board is fighting to have Paladino kicked off the board for disclosing teacher contract discussions in an Artvoice article. Attempts to remove Paladino began after he made racist remarks last December against the Obamas. School Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash was first called to testify when the hearing started at 1 p.m. 

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The American Medical Association recently endorsed pilot facilities for supervised injection of drugs. It is a response to the opioid epidemic.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo is not signing a bill the New York State Legislature passed last week that would provide grants for flood victims along Lake Ontario.

Assemblymember Ray Walter

Assemblymember Ray Walter is kicking off his 6th Annual Christmas in July Toy Drive Monday.