Brian Meyer

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Brian Meyer became news director at WBFO in September, 2014. The award-winning journalist has covered local issues for more than three decades, most recently as a reporter and digital media producer for The Buffalo News. Meyer also teaches college-level communications classes and is chairman of the Greater Buffalo Chapter Society of Professional Journalists’ Scholarship Fund. 

WBFO'S News Director Brian Meyer.
WBFO'S News Director Brian Meyer.
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Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Buffalo Inc.

While many people fret about personal finances, some studies have shown that 60% do not have household budgets.

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If you think you've spotted more people on bikes than usual this week, you're not imagining things. As part of National Bike Month, activists have been promoting Bike to Work Week.


Tonawanda Coke Corporation will pay $12 million in what state and federal regulators hail as a "historic" environmental settlement that targets problems at the company's River Road plant.

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If you think filling a swimming pool is a big task, trying filling the canals at Canalside. A two-day mission is under way that's pumping nearly a half-million gallons of water into canals that in a more frigid season attracted more than 60,000 ice skaters.


Call it a test night for the turtles. Crews who are in town to shoot a high-speed chase sequence for "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2" plan to do prep work along the Kensington Expressway on Friday. 

New York State Senate

The first Earth Day was held in 1970 as a way to boost awareness of global environmental issues. But what does Earth Day mean to the average Western New Yorker?

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If you were up early and anywhere near Tonawanda Island in North Tonawanda Monday morning, you witnessed quite a scene. A massive fire raced through Placid Harbor Marina.

Craig Wirth/Episcopal Diocese of Utah

A Western New York bishop recently got an up-close perspective on the changing relationship between the U.S. and Cuba.

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The Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority could face a federal takeover if steps are not taken to address a large number of vacant units in public housing complexes.


It gives a troubling twist to the cliche "don't let the bed bugs bite." A national pest control company has found that Buffalo is 26th in the nation for the number of treatments provided to battle bed bug infestation.

A holiday for pranksters

Apr 1, 2015
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For pranksters throughout the world, Wednesday is pretty much Christmas in April. As WBFO's Brian Meyer reports, it's no joke. 

When do talking turtles produce big bucks? The answer: when scenes from the sequel to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are shot in Buffalo. That's exactly what will happen later this spring.

Erie County Legislature

A four-month study has concluded that creating a  municipal broadband Internet service in Erie County would boost the economy, create jobs and raise property values.

Erie County Legislature

The first phase of a plan to redevelop a one-mile stretch of Seneca Street is being launched as local leaders aim to make the long-neglected commercial strip a "small downtown."

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A judge has reserved decision in a dispute over surveillance technology being used by the Erie County Sheriff's Department.

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Buffalo firefighters responded to a blaze on the 15th floor of Main Place Tower early Friday morning, braving sub-zero temperatures.


Louisville has its  Hot Brown, an open-face turkey sandwich. Cincinnati is famous for its chili. And, of course, Buffalo is the birthplace of the chicken wing.

Congressman Higgins Twitter page / WBFO News

If the name of the late President Millard Fillmore is placed on any new buildings or sites, a local civil rights group says the "whole story" must be told.

A former administrator at the Buffalo Board of Education has been charged with stealing funds.

President Barack Obama has nominated local attorney Lawrence Vilardo to become a federal court judge for the Western District of New York.


Long-debated plans to make improvements at the Thruway's traffic-clogged Williamsville toll barrier are expected to move forward in  the near future.

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Feeding the meters will cost more money in some Buffalo business districts this spring. The city is increasing 50 cent-an-hour parking to $1 an hour at about 1,100 meters on roads including Hertel Avenue, Elmwood Avenue and Main Street.


Remedial work will start soon on a multi-phased project planned at the former Millard Fillmore Hospital site on Gates Circle. Developers plan to transform the West Side site into a retirement community, apartment complex and community center.

Town of Orchard Park

Tailgaters, taxpayers and many southtowns merchants could be the big losers if a new football stadium is built in downtown Buffalo, according to Orchard Park's top elected official.

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A heavy Lake effect snow band that pounded areas north of Buffalo overnight.  Snow bands have shifted southward and will continue south through mid-morning Friday. WBFO News spoke with National Weather Service meteorologist Kirk Apffel who is monitoring the bands and snowfall rates.

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Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone surprisingly opted out of his contract Wednesday after two years with the team.

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Heavy Lake Effect snows hammered areas south of Buffalo overnight.  It has  been an extremely difficult Tuesday morning for some motorists who have been literally stranded on the Thruway.


As downtown Buffalo enjoys a spike in development activity, there’s talk of launching a new public safety

Will Jones/ Black Western New York Magazine

It's a publication that casts a spotlight on issues that affect minority communities in the Buffalo area.

Brian Meyer/WBFO

A lot of attention has focused on projects at Canalside. But a one-time industrial neighborhood not far from