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Governor Cuomo tried to change the subject with two economic development appearances, in the aftermath of a political endorsement that has shaken up the Capitol.

The fallout from Governor Cuomo’s new alliance with the progressive Working Families Party continues at the Capitol, with those who say they represent upstate interests dismayed at the development.

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Democrats in the Senate say they are taking Governor Andrew Cuomo at his word to help them regain the majority in the Senate, despite some indications that the governor might be walking back some of the promises he made at the Working Family Party’s  convention Saturday night.

Governor Andrew Cuomo won the endorsement of the state’s left-leaning Working Families Party in a messy convention vote that stretched to nearly midnight on Saturday night.

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The Republican candidate for Governor, Rob Astorino, is  pressing for term limits for state officials.  He also spoke against another reform proposal percolating in the legislature, campaign finance reform.

A Republican led Senate task force has released a package of bills aimed at combating the growing heroin addiction in New York.

Governor Cuomo continues to face a challenge from the left leaning members of his own party, that will play out at the end of the week in the Working Families Party convention.  In addition, a progressive Democrat and wealthy businessman is threatening to try to get on the ballot for Lieutenant Governor.

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Now that the major party political conventions are over, state officials are shifting their focus back to the remaining issues in the legislative session, which ends in four weeks.  But politics will still be front and center in the waning days of the session.

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Governor Cuomo was nominated to run for a second term on Thursday along with his freshly chosen running mate, former Western New York Rep. Kathy Hochul.

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Later this week it’s the Democrats turn to meet at their state party convention, where they will nominate  incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo for reelection.

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Rob Astorino accepted the Republican nomination for Governor at the state party convention in Westchester Thursday, saying Governor Cuomo hasn’t live up to his promises to improve the state.

Republicans have chosen their candidate for Attorney General. John Cahill is a former top aide to Governor George Pataki

GOP candidate for governor Rob Astorino says his choice for a Lieutenant Governor running mate will be the Chemung County Sheriff, Chris Moss, an avid opponent of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s gun control laws.

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The state’s Republican and Democratic Party conventions will be held over the next couple of weeks. Both major parties have chosen locations in the New York City suburbs.

Lt. Governor won’t seek reelection

May 8, 2014
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New York State’s Lt. Governor Robert Duffy says he will not be seeking re-election. Duffy, a former Rochester mayor, told WHAM-TV in Rochester that he won’t run with Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Though the debate over fracking in New York State dominated Albany's Earth Day celebration on Monday, time was set aside to remember the activist career of the late, legendary singer, Pete Seeger. 

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Prospective casino operators got a chance to ask the Cuomo Administration questions about details of the process for choosing licensees for four upstate casinos.  They won’t get answers, though for several days.

There’s around two months left in the legislative session, and a number of issues left on the agenda. But it’s uncertain how many of them will actually become law.

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Governor Cuomo gathered local leaders from around the state to talk about reaction to past storms, and to plan for the next ones.

A new poll finds that Governor Cuomo is still feeling the fall out from the demise of his Moreland Commission, a  panel that was investigating corruption in the legislature. Cuomo disbanded the commission as part of the state budget deal.

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Despite a push from Albany to save money by combining services, a study by school administrators shows the public doesn’t want school mergers.

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Documents obtained by a group opposed to hydrofracking show that the Cuomo Administration is conducting a thorough and comprehensive health study on the controversial natural gas drilling process, a process that has been conducted almost entirely in secret.

April 15 , besides being tax day, is the first day that owners of semi-automatic weapons will be required to register their guns with the state police. Gun owners who do want to comply say they are confused over how to register.

Now that the state budget is done, the focus at the Capitol shifts to some other priorities, including whether to allow medical marijuana.  Advocates came to the Capitol to lobby lawmakers,  but the bill is getting bogged down over political skirmishes.

Governor Cuomo hosted a second beer, wine, spirits, and now, cider summit, to showcase one of the state’s few growth industries.

The state’s comptroller says he won’t be participating in a new pilot public campaign finance program agreed to in the state budget, and government reform groups say, they don’t blame him.

A new record has been reached in spending on lobbying in New York, according to a report released by the state’s  ethics commission. It finds over $200 million was spent, mostly by a few top interests, to try to influence government  and policy in Albany.

The U.S. Supreme court decision McCutcheon v. FEC, striking down some campaign donation limits, is expected to have an effect in New York.  Reform advocates say Governor Cuomo and lawmakers missed a key chance this week to counter act the ruling.

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The recently enacted state budget also marks the end of a commission that was investigating corruption in the legislature. Governor Cuomo agreed to dismantle the Moreland Act panel as part of a deal on ethics reform.

Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders are touting the virtues of the newly enacted state budget, but the spending plan has its share of critics.