Leslie Cook

Leslie Cook is a senior business editor on NPR's Business Desk. In this role, he assigns and edits NPR business reporters and collaborates with show producers and editors on host interviews.

At NPR, Cook has supervised coverage of the 2008 financial crisis, among other big stories. Prior to becoming NPR's first Business Editor, he worked on NPR's National and Foreign Desks.

He first came to NPR in 1982 to work as an associate producer in what was called the "Acquisitions Unit." Prior to that, Cook was a reporter at KCUR, the public radio station of the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

In 1987, Cook took a year-long leave of absence to spend a year working for Radio Beijing in China. When he returned, he took another year off to study economics at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, earning a degree in International Public Policy. He also has a bachelor of science from the University of Kansas.

In his free time, Cook plays drums in a rock and roll band.

The hashtag is 10! Yes, the symbol that started out as the lowly "number sign" or "pound" on the telephone keypad and later morphed into something entirely different is 10 years old today. And it has accomplished quite a lot. In fact, it's hard to imagine modern communication without it.

And you might think it was all by design. That the folks running Twitter needed a catchy little tool to help their new platform catch fire, and the hashtag is what they came up with.

But that's not the way it happened.