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Mike Desmond is one of Western New York’s most experienced reporters, having spent nearly a half-century covering the region for newspapers, television stations and public radio. He has been with WBFO and its predecessor, WNED-AM, since 1988. As a reporter for WBFO, he has covered literally thousands of stories involving education, science, business, the environment and many other issues. He also hosts “You and the Law,” a popular segment that involves interviews with local lawyers. Mike has been a long-time theater reviewer for a variety of publications and was formerly a part-time reporter for The New York Times.

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Developer Gerry Buchheit said by the end of next year, his Queen City Landing will be rising 23 stories above Buffalo's Outer Harbor. Buffalo's Common Council approved the long-awaited project Tuesday.

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Construction may have started on the first building on Buffalo's Gates Circle, where Millard Fillmore Hospital used to loom over traffic, but there are a lot of unresolved issues.

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The leaders of the National Hockey League and its teams are in town for the 2016 Draft. When they leave, tourism officials are hoping they leave some green behind.

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The MSG cable network will be featuring more Sabres and Bills programming as Pegula Sports and Entertainment expands its reach.

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It may have rained this week, but that is not expected to have much effect on streams and lawns across the region. Rainfall is more than four inches below normal.

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It was a beautiful weekend for the Juneteenth Festival and the public responded by turning out in large numbers in Martin Luther King Park.

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More progress is being made in the restoration of the historic Statler City building. Construction workers are now taking apart the powered scaffold system on the Delaware Avenue side of the structure where they've been repairing terra cotta elements in the facade.

A lot of sports for young people could be very different in the near future, with a county concussion training mandate expected to come down as early as next week.

Buffalo now has direct plane service to and from Los Angeles, with the first flight out Thursday night and the first flight arriving very early this morning. Some believe the Jet Blue service will be an economic engine for Western New York.

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The changing population of Buffalo's West Side and the Affordable Care Act are leading to a new medical office building on Seventh Street.

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With the nation's worst mass shooting fresh in the the minds of many, local health officials are working to provide understanding on the relationship between gun violence and mental illness.

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Buffalo Common Council members had a busy day Tuesday, dealing with two controversial development projects and new public employee union contracts.

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Community groups are renewing the call for reform inside the county's jail system. A Tuesday rally in downtown Buffalo highlighted the overcrowded  realities at the Erie County Holding Center and the Correctional Facility.

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It is time for building permits and groundbreaking on a new private dorm for Buffalo State students. The new Greenleaf & Co. development will be located on the Grant Street side of the college campus.

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The mass murderer in Orlando was a private security guard for the same company being hired to provide security in Buffalo City Hall.

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Niagara Square was packed Monday night as community members mourned those killed in Orlando during the nation's most violent mass shooting.

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For an Allentown Art Festival weekend, it was mostly sunny skies and good crowds. However, festivalgoers could not escape the news from Orlando that a lone shooter had killed dozens and wounded more in a popular gay nightclub.

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As late afternoon darkened toward night Sunday, there were candles lit on the grounds of the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Buffalo in memory of those murdered in a popular gay club in Orlando.

Local government computer systems are filled with information about good and bad housing, good and bad landlords and the continuing rise of zombie properties. Now there is a push to have all of those computer systems talk to each other and tell the public what is there.

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When Erie County legislators met in their afternoon session Thursday, they received a nearly one-inch thick packet of papers. It included a notice from Chairman John Mills that the legislature has been using too much paper.

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Solar City officials met a skeptical audience in an East Side auditorium last night as they talked about the company's plans for the Riverbend complex in South Buffalo.

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It was a typical block party with music, roller skating and food on Buffalo's West Side. However, this one party had a message: a political pitch toward basic economic change.

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Buffalo has a new school budget which is likely to bring another lawsuit from the Buffalo Teachers Federation.


In the not-too-distant future, you are going to see bright red bikes being pedaled around town and parked in computer-controlled racks in potentially busy areas. The bikes from Reddy Bikeshare are yet another sign of increasing interest in bicycling in a city which was a center of biking a century ago.

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For Muslims, this is the month of Ramadan, a time of religious fasting. The observance continues in a mosque on Buffalo's West Side, offering a look at the city's evolving cultural mix.

The current Buffalo school board majority may be losing power at the end of this month, but it is certainly going down fighting.

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With the appointment of an architect to oversee a massive redesign of its historic site, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery now must focus on the largest fund drive ever for Western New York.

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Buffalo Public schools have 6,000 students who are what are known as English Language Learners or ELL's. As they struggle learning the English language, they also struggle with standardized tests.

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Two aging group homes in West Seneca are empty today, after up to seven high-risk sex offenders were moved out.

A new report says Buffalo is one of 33 US cities that cheat when measuring lead in drinking water.