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Mike Desmond is one of Western New York’s most experienced reporters, having spent nearly a half-century covering the region for newspapers, television stations and public radio. He has been with WBFO and its predecessor, WNED-AM, since 1988. As a reporter for WBFO, he has covered literally thousands of stories involving education, science, business, the environment and many other issues. He also hosts “You and the Law,” a popular segment that involves interviews with local lawyers. Mike has been a long-time theater reviewer for a variety of publications and was formerly a part-time reporter for The New York Times.

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A Niagara Falls police officer has been placed on administrative leave following a shooting during a drug raid Wednesday night. An occupant of the raided house was taken to ECMC for treatment of a bullet wound.

WBFO's Mike Desmond

With cash in hand years earlier than expected, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery is moving ahead on the public process of designing its new space.


Buffalo's Green Code - to control future land use and development issues - came before the Common Council's Legislation Committee Tuesday, when members were told there are serious problems to be addressed.

Some of Buffalo's oldest buildings will be getting new lives under a plan starting to fall into place.

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The presidential debate drew a good crowd to the North Park Theatre Monday night. Judging by those who were willing to talk afterwards, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the debate.

Buffalo is closer than it has been for decades to having a new code to control zoning and planning.

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"Pure, old fashioned, graft and corruption." That's how Assemblyman Sean Ryan summarized the indictments handed down in connection with the development of Buffalo's SolarCity project. Nonetheless, Ryan maintains the controversial project holds great value for the region.

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A crowded audience in the Downtown Library last night heard about how segregation continues to restrict spreading economic prosperity to all parts of Buffalo. The town hall meeting served the opening of the 2016  Buffalo Humanities Festival.

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It is a work in progress, but Buffalo Public Schools are racing to get some key parts of its community schools program up and running. WBFO's Mike Desmond was at Bennett High School Wednesday for a meeting on where the program is and where it is headed.

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The Zoning Board of Appeals decided yesterday it still doesn't have enough information to make a decision on a request from the owners of RiverWorks on Ganson Street to put an enormous video screen on the old GLF elevator, facing across the Buffalo River.

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As city residents continue to file complaints about rowdy college students in their neighborhoods, members of the Common Council are struggling to find solutions.

The Buffalo Zoo

On a perfect weather day, the Buffalo Zoo reported Monday it has been given another five-year accreditation by the prestigious Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

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Much of Downtown Niagara Falls was blocked off Monday as police from six agencies probed a large backpack apparently abandoned next to an important electrical structure.  The all-clear was given following a tense inspection of the pack.

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As the Superintendent of Buffalo Public Schools makes major changes in the way the school system operates, he is now asking for changes in the way parents and students deal with school and education.  

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A Buffalo landmark will be getting a new use as home for 107 new apartments. It's a building familiar to most people who travel on Elmwood Avenue in North Buffalo: the Pierce-Arrow administration building.

A state assemblymember is pushing back against a string of major development plans in the Elmwood Village, arguing it is damaging a livable and walkable community.

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After years of effort, hundreds of meetings and thousands of residents involved, Buffalo's proposed Green Code is back before the Council for final action.

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Critics are assailing Judge Donna Siwek's decision that apparently will allow for the construction of a 23-story apartment complex along the Outer Harbor.

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Buffalo public schools are proposing to spend $56 million over the next three years for major upgrades of the district's computer system and providing a computer for every student.

Treanor for DA

With the preliminaries of the primary election out of the way, the Erie County District Attorney race will be between Democrat John Flynn and Republican Joe Treanor.

National Cancer Institute / Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Doctors are working with a potentially significant new treatment for pancreatic cancer, by pumping up the body's immune system.

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A 19th Century home on Lafayette Avenue faces the wrecking ball after the City Planning Board approved construction of a new and larger home at 647 Lafayette.

Trautman Associates

Buffalo has a booming housing sector and more units are on the way. However, some Common Councilmembers want to protect people of low and moderate incomes from being crushed under the development steamroller.

WBFO's Mike Desmond

Fillmore Avenue travelers Thursday were dealing with a fine dust on the street, with some probably wondering what it is. The answer: kitty litter.

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The Catholic Church is pushing back against proposals in Albany to allow physician-assisted suicide.

It's a great place for a golf course. That's the evaluation of experts after touring a proposed golf course site next to South Park.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Lockport area residents were briefed Wednesday night about the status of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plan to clean up about one mile of Eighteen Mile Creek. It's the latest stage in cleaning up a waterway contaminated by industry and agriculture over two centuries.


Buffalo has some fairly strict rules for food trucks, including a licensing requirement with a fee. Common Councilmembers are looking at a crackdown on trucks that are not licensed, but are selling food in the city anyway.

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The Stop the Violence Coalition appeared in the Black Rock-Riverside neighborhood on Tuesday. Hours earlier at a location just a few blocks away, a major brawl broke out involving dozens of people and baseball bats.

Some military servicemembers and reservists called up for active duty are paying the price off duty because businesses are not following financial rules protecting military members and their families.