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Mike Desmond is one of Western New York’s most experienced reporters, having spent nearly a half-century covering the region for newspapers, television stations and public radio. He has been with WBFO and its predecessor, WNED-AM, since 1988. As a reporter for WBFO, he has covered literally thousands of stories involving education, science, business, the environment and many other issues. He also hosts “You and the Law,” a popular segment that involves interviews with local lawyers. Mike has been a long-time theater reviewer for a variety of publications and was formerly a part-time reporter for The New York Times.

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A Buffalo landmark will be getting a new use as home for 107 new apartments. It's a building familiar to most people who travel on Elmwood Avenue in North Buffalo: the Pierce-Arrow administration building.

A state assemblymember is pushing back against a string of major development plans in the Elmwood Village, arguing it is damaging a livable and walkable community.

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After years of effort, hundreds of meetings and thousands of residents involved, Buffalo's proposed Green Code is back before the Council for final action.

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Critics are assailing Judge Donna Siwek's decision that apparently will allow for the construction of a 23-story apartment complex along the Outer Harbor.

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Buffalo public schools are proposing to spend $56 million over the next three years for major upgrades of the district's computer system and providing a computer for every student.

Treanor for DA

With the preliminaries of the primary election out of the way, the Erie County District Attorney race will be between Democrat John Flynn and Republican Joe Treanor.

National Cancer Institute / Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Doctors are working with a potentially significant new treatment for pancreatic cancer, by pumping up the body's immune system.

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A 19th Century home on Lafayette Avenue faces the wrecking ball after the City Planning Board approved construction of a new and larger home at 647 Lafayette.

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Buffalo has a booming housing sector and more units are on the way. However, some Common Councilmembers want to protect people of low and moderate incomes from being crushed under the development steamroller.

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Fillmore Avenue travelers Thursday were dealing with a fine dust on the street, with some probably wondering what it is. The answer: kitty litter.

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The Catholic Church is pushing back against proposals in Albany to allow physician-assisted suicide.

It's a great place for a golf course. That's the evaluation of experts after touring a proposed golf course site next to South Park.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Lockport area residents were briefed Wednesday night about the status of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plan to clean up about one mile of Eighteen Mile Creek. It's the latest stage in cleaning up a waterway contaminated by industry and agriculture over two centuries.


Buffalo has some fairly strict rules for food trucks, including a licensing requirement with a fee. Common Councilmembers are looking at a crackdown on trucks that are not licensed, but are selling food in the city anyway.

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The Stop the Violence Coalition appeared in the Black Rock-Riverside neighborhood on Tuesday. Hours earlier at a location just a few blocks away, a major brawl broke out involving dozens of people and baseball bats.

Some military servicemembers and reservists called up for active duty are paying the price off duty because businesses are not following financial rules protecting military members and their families.

With Buffalo schools opening for another year, the issues of academic achievement will again surface. This is a system where only a quarter of Black males graduate, in a student body which is around three-quarters minority and immigrant.

The Erie County Legislature is trying again to get it right on concussion training for youth sports coaches.

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Scajaquada Creek may flow downhill from Buffalo's eastern suburbs, through the city and eventually to the Niagara River. However, the head of Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper says its condition is moving uphill.

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With Broderick Park's role in the Underground Railroad often overlooked, Lillion Batchelor made it her mission to highlight the location's historical importance. City officials are recognizing her efforts with the installation of the Lillion Batchelor Contemplative Garden.

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The NFTA is rolling out major changes in the operation of Metro Bus and Rail as it prepares to go to a new fare collection system and to put in a turnstile system for the subway.

There's been a big shakeup in Albany's management of major local economic development projects. Empire State Development has been given control of the construction of the Athenex plants, projects that have been stalled because the state hasn't been paying its bills.

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The Erie County Board of Elections is closed today in the wake of a smoky fire in the 134 West Eagle headquarters.

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When Niagara Falls goes to borrow $5 million later this year, the city will do so with an improved credit rating. The Wall Street ratings agency Fitch has improved the city's credit rating from triple-B to Triple-B plus.

A local landmark has a new outpost on Maple Road's restaurant row. A new franchise of the Anchor Bar has opened in the old Fuddruckers building.

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It's an approach that is expanding across the state. A driver who faces a second felony DWI conviction, faces the loss of the car.

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House Speaker Paul Ryan had a successful fund-raiser last night, sponsored by Congressman Chris Collins. While he did not speak publicly during the brief visit, he reportedly raised $250,000.

Work begins today on a $10 million project to build a new bridge to carry Harlem Road over an upstream section of the Buffalo River. But while the bridge will replace the current century-old bridge, that bridge will remain in use until the project is complete.

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The Buffalo Public School District  will have an additional $18 million to spend on rehabilitating school buildings, thanks to the refinancing of older bonds at current, lower interest rates.

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On September 15, the first resident of the Mother Teresa Home in the former Saint Adelbert's rectory on Stanislaus Street will move in. The opening of the home occurs as sainthood is granted to Mother Teresa.