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Mike Desmond is one of Western New York’s most experienced reporters, having spent nearly a half-century covering the region for newspapers, television stations and public radio. He has been with WBFO and its predecessor, WNED-AM, since 1988. As a reporter for WBFO, he has covered literally thousands of stories involving education, science, business, the environment and many other issues. He also hosts “You and the Law,” a popular segment that involves interviews with local lawyers. Mike has been a long-time theater reviewer for a variety of publications and was formerly a part-time reporter for The New York Times.

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Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump spoke in front of 11,400 people at Buffalo's First Niagara Center Monday night, in a large rally on the eve of New York's primary election.

Buffalo Schools.org

Computers and the web have become integral in the modern school classroom. For Buffalo students, the problem is that many don't have computers and don't have web access at home.

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On the eve of the New York primary, presidential campaigns continue to make their way to Buffalo.

Some times the goal in winning a lawsuit isn't just to get money but also to create change in society or in life or even on the job. On this week's edition of You & The Law, attorney Nicholas Romano talks about lawsuits for change.

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Just as the busy travel season begins, two big bridges have major construction underway. The Peace Bridge continues building ramps to the Niagara section of  the Thruway while work gets underway at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge.

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The Erie County Legislature has approved  County Executive Poloncarz' plan to deal with the county's burgeoning death toll for opioid use and addiction.

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A City Honors fight over volunteer softball coaches brought angry players and parents to the school board meeting Wednesday night.

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Buffalo Schools Superintendent Kriner Cash's ambitious plans to improve city schools may be cut back as the school district deals with yet another anticipated budget deficit.

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Parking problems continue in the city's Fruit Belt as workers from the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus continue the hunt for free parking.

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A Buffalo councilmember says he's getting complaints about a hookah lounge. The business was the site of an apparent shooting early Sunday morning.

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An estimated 8,000 people gave Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders an enthusiastic welcome on the University at Buffalo's North Campus Monday evening. But first, the U.S. Senator from Vermont took time to address an estimated 3,000 people who couldn't get inside Alumni Arena.

Fallsview Marriott website

The sagging Canadian dollar is apparently good for Canadian tourism as stronger currencies like the U.S. dollar let tourists get bargains in everything from hotel rooms to that new outlet mall in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

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After years of talk, the Peace Bridge Authority is opening its renovated and expanded Customs warehouse on the U.S. plaza.

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Dozens of area residents showed up at Noor Mosque in Getzville Sunday night to talk to local Muslim leaders and learn about Islam. Organizers wanted a chance to explain their religion to co-workers, neighbors and friends.

If you are in an auto accident, you may start worrying about paying the medical bills before you arrive at the hospital. On this week's edition of You & The Law, attorney Leonard Zaccagnino talks about how those bills are paid.

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Hillary Clinton expressed her faith in Buffalo's future and took some credit for helping spur the city's economic rebound while serving as a U.S. Senator while making a campaign push in downtown Buffalo Friday.

Despite the recent gloomy weather, the focus at Canalside is considerably brighter. On Wednesday officials discussed the summer, sales and job opportunities.

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Republican frontrunner Donald Trump bring his high-profile presidential campaign to Buffalo's First Niagara Center on Sunday, April 17.

Buffalo Bisons

Switch hitters aren't uncommon in baseball but switch pitchers are very rare. In fact, the rules have been changed Pat Venditte, the Buffalo Bisons pitcher who will need to inform the batter which hand he will use.

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It's an attempt to create a "Culture of Literacy," as Buffalo schools race to have every student coming up to fourth grade reading proficiently.

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Developers of Queen City Landing want to open late next year, renting out 197 apartment units on a site sticking out into the Outer Harbor. It was once the site of the Freezer Queen plant.

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The head of the FBI says the fight against terror is changing but remains a threat. James Comey made those comments during Monday's visit to Buffalo.

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Once the weather clears, road crews will be busy around Erie County. Highway officials say this relatively mild winter means a chance to dig into the backlog of repairs and make some progress in shortening that list, also easier now because hot asphalt plants are starting up.

New York State has courts, lots and lots of courts, some times a confusing mix with one case being handled in different courts. On this week's edition of You & The Law, attorney Elizabeth Kraengel is here, talking about how those courts mix together and unpacking some of the differences.

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As city of Buffalo's eighth graders are trying to decide where they will go to high school, the Buffalo Public School District will be show-casing five new choices Saturday morning in Bennett High School.

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Cornell University is celebrating the 70th anniversary of opening the Buffalo office of its School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

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The role of parents in the Buffalo school system was on the table again last night. The Buffalo Parent Teacher Organization told the board parents shouldn't be punished for opting-out of tests for their children.

courtesy Clinton Global Initiative

Local Democrats are getting two bites of the political apple this week, with campaign visits from Bill Clinton Tuesday and Hillary Clinton on Friday.

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Whenever police are asked about where illegal guns come from, they talk about them coming in from other states with limited or no sales restrictions or sales at gun shows. They also talk about guns stolen after deaths or when the owner is in a hospital or nursing home. Now there is a push to make sure unguarded guns become guarded.

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Buffalo has been issued a $1 million rebate on its street light payments to National Grid, the latest stage in a fight that has been going on for several years.