1 kayaker found dead, 2 others alive after went missing

Sep 5, 2017

Authorities say one of three kayakers from Pennsylvania who went missing during an outing off Lake Ontario's New York shore near Niagara County has been found dead in the water. The other two made it to shore safely.

Town of Somerset Police Chief John Yotter says the body was found Tuesday morning along the Orleans County shoreline by the crew of a U.S. Coast Guard boat. He says the other two kayakers made it to shore earlier and asked for help at a lakeside home. 

Police say the men left Monday afternoon from a state park boat launch in Somerset, in neighboring Niagara County. The men - one 19-year-old and two 21-year-olds - were reported missing around 6 p.m. 

The Coast Guard and local authorities launched a search. The men's hometowns have not been released.