Albright-Knox Curtails Art Rental Program

Buffalo, NY – Hard economic times are once again forcing the Albright Knox Art Gallery to scale back its services. The museum's art rental program will end in October.

For years, members of the gallery have had the privilege of renting beautiful original works of art from the museum's Collectors Gallery. But due to fiscal and staff constraints, officials say the popular program will end as of October 31st.

Museum officials were scrambling to correct misinformation that went out late last week that told members the entire Collectors Gallery would close. The mistake went out in an email to members asking that all rented artwork be returned no later than September 20th. That message incorrectly also said the Collectors Gallery would close. Gallery spokeswoman Elaine Pyyne emphasized that the Collector's Gallery itself, which features the work of local artists, will remain open, at least for now. Pyne declined to comment on tape, because of the sensitive nature of information.

She says an announcement will be made in the future about plans for the Collectors Gallery long term. Pyne says that is being reviewed as part of the museum's overall strategic plan to cope with the financial challenges from the bad economy.