Allegany soldier injured in Fort Hood attack recovering

Apr 4, 2014

A native of Western New York who was seriously wounded in Wednesday's Fort Hood shootings is expected to recover. 

Major Patrick Miller, a native of the town of Allegany, has undergone two surgeries -- one to stabilize his condition Wednesday night and a second Thursday to repair his colon.  He was apparently shot in the abdomen. 

Major Patrick Miller (right) was wounded in Wednesday Fort Hood shooting spree.
Credit Photo from Patrick Miller's Twitter page.

His mother, Carole Miller, met with reporters outside her Allegany home.  She said her son is doing better.  Two of her other children are traveling to Texas to be with him. 

Olean Times Herald newspaper reporter Christopher Michel has been talking to Miller's family and friends in Allegany, including his mother. 

"And she has indicated that earlier, yesterday morning, he had undergone a second surgery, and was awake by the afternoon and was actually ready to walk, wanted to get out of bed and get back to daily life as quickly as possible," said Michel.

Michele said Major Miller as a ''strong leader' and 'dedicated patriot'.

"No one was surprised by the direction of his career in the military -- the promotions he had received and the assignments he had been given," noted Michel.

Major Miller is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University.  One of his professors said Miller was "very engaged and self-motivated" in class.

Miller, 32, joined the Army after graduating in 2003 and served two tours of duty in Iraq. He has been stationed at Fort Hood since last August. 

Three people were killed in Wednesday's shooting spree, before the shooter, since identified as Ivan Lopez, committed suicide.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued the following statement Thursday:

"The shooting at Fort Hood has left New York saddened and shocked at the senseless violence that claimed the lives of dedicated soldiers and injured 16 others. I join the nation in mourning the loss of those Americans who demonstrated great patriotism in serving their country. Among those injured is Major Patrick Miller, from Allegany County, who joined the U.S. Army after graduating from St. Bonaventure in 2003. On behalf of all New Yorkers, I send my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery to the injured victims and their families. "

"Major Miller was an all-American guy," said Michel.