'Bash' performer Patti Parks uses blues as therapy

Apr 23, 2015

For years, the blues has helped people express deep feelings. For the great blues performers, the music seems to flow naturally, almost second nature. But can the expressive power of the blues be taught as a therapy to young people who have drug dependencies or have suffered emotional trauma?

WBFO Blues host Pat Feldballe spoke with blues artist and nurse Patti Parks, who's about to embark on a blues therapy program for at-risk youth. The Patti Parks Band is a featured performer at this year's WBFO Buffalo Blues Bash, which takes place this Saturday.

Patti Parks uses the blues as therapy for young people.
Credit thepattiparksband.com

The Blues Bash is this Saturday, April 25 at 7 p.m at the WNED | WBFO Studios in downtown Buffalo. The event is sold out.