Blizzard interrupts travel plans for some

Mar 13, 2014

Buffalo’s second blizzard causes the cancelation of most incoming and outgoing flights at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Wednesday. One Buffalo woman was hoping to make it to Florida, but the inclement weather put that plan on hold.

24-year old Amanda Slawek says late Tuesday she was alerted by Southwest Airlines via an automated call that her flight to Florida was canceled.

Florida resort.
Credit Some rights reserved / Captian Kimo

“Who would really expect a snow storm in the middle of March? The reason why we picked March as opposed to January or February is because we thought it was safe weather wise, that our flight wouldn’t be canceled and we would definitely get there,” said Slawek.

Slawek says she was devastated as she’d been awaiting the trip for months. Slawek, her boyfriend, and his family planned to visit Key Largo, Florida for three days and then travel to the West Palm Beach, Florida for another five days, but the weather had other plans.

“Our hotel that we were supposed to stay at let you use their boat for half a day. We were going to go down to Key West for the day. There’s just so many warm weather things that we had planned. And now, yes, I still get to go to Florida, but it’s essentially cutting two whole days out of my vacation,” said Slawek.  

“I understand that they had to cancel the flights, but it still doesn’t really lessen the blow of the fact that I was supposed to go to Florida, but here I am sitting on the couch watching the snow come down, and wasting my vacation day,” said Slawek.

Slawek says the next flight out of Buffalo for won’t be until Friday evening weather permitting.