Books as art on display through April 28

Mar 27, 2017

A new exhibit is on display at the Western New York Book Arts Center downtown. It is titled "Contentual Relationships" and is organized by book artist, writer and storyteller Scott Kristopher.

"I knew right away I wanted to do a collaborative exhibition focusing on making books, with visual exhibition pieces that would be collaborations with people I know that do not primarily identify as creative or artistic," Kristopher said.

Credit Western New York Book Arts Center

He said the exhibition explores the relationship between concept and content.

"Even when books are made, people kind of have the contents first and then that is going to determine what kind of shape of objects of the books is going to take," he said. "But for me as a book artist, I've always viewed books as more than just objects, mostly as containers for spaces for potential."

Kristopher grew up in Buffalo, studied at Dillar University in New Orleans, where he received a B.A. in African Politics and History, and then returned in 2010.

He said there are many ways of creating art beyond traditional methods, such as painting. He says his goal is to inspire people to be creative.

"My mission or intention with this exhibit is to just to show that anyone can create or make art and there are different ways to do that, not always like fine painting or, you know, the traditional methods," he said.

"Contentual Relationships" will be on display at the Book Arts Center through April 28.