BPO sells more than 1,400 tickets for Carnegie show

Apr 22, 2013

The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra is breaking records as it continues it's "All Roads Lead to Carnegie Hall".  In less three weeks, the BPO will be performing on the stage at Carnegie Hall

The BPO now holds the record for bringing the most fans to "Spring For Music Festival".

"We are now the largest number of hometown supporters going to Carnegie in the history of "Spring for Music," said JoAnn, BPO music director.

Falletta said Carnegie challenged the orchestra  to sell more tickets then the previous highest number -- sold by the Toledo Symphony.  

Falletta was beaming as she told WBFO News they smashed their ticket goal of selling more than 1,300 tickets for its  May 8th performance.

"From this area alone, 1,400 will be going down to Carnegie. Now that's amazing.  So we have sold 1,400 tickets for people in our region to come and support us," said said Falletta.

Excitement is mounting as the Orchestra prepares for its prestigious show. 

Carnegie Hall, NYC
Credit Photo from Carnegie Hall Website

The BPO kicked off  All Roads Lead to Carnegie Hall late last year.  It has exceeded its $600,000 goal to raise funding for the performance.

Falletta and orchestra members have been rehearsing for the Carnegie show all year.  The were told to play something they've never performed before.  One of the pieces Falletta has selected Gliere Symphony number three.

"It is an enormous undertaking. It's a huge symphony as far as it's forces and length. It requires enormous endurance," said Falletta.  "So they are challenging to stretch ourselves, do something that you might never had said 'oh this is this is like too much for us'," said Falleta.

Falleta said she believes the Hall holds a karma that has embraced so many great performers -- from classical to pop -- who once stood on the Carnegie stage.