Brown says Guinn's hiring wasn't 'underhanded'

Mar 4, 2014

Mary Guinn says she is aware of the controversy surrounding her hiring.
Credit Chris Caya/WBFO News

Superintendent Pamela Brown says there was "nothing underhanded" about the hiring of Mary Guinn, Buffalo's new interim deputy schools superintendent.

Some critics have blasted Brown for waiting until the end of a school board meeting when most of the public and media were gone to request a vote on the 90-day appointment.

"The fact that members of the public had exercised their option of leave the meeting during executive session really did not come into play in this particular instance because this was not an item that would have been open to public comment," Brown said at a City Hall news conference Tuesday.

Brown says Guinn is a hard worker and much of the success the Buffalo Schools have experienced since she took over has been assisted by Guinn.

Guinn says she is aware of the concerns some people have raised about her hiring, but she says she's here to work.

"I don't recall anyone expressing any concerns about my ability to do the work, and that's what I came for," Guinn said.

Guinn's contract runs through June 30.