Budget includes rest of Buffalo billion and road repair funding

Mar 31, 2014

The finalized state budget includes $680 million in capital funds for the so-called Buffalo Billion.

State Senator Tim Kennedy

Until now, Governor Cuomo's plan to invest $1 billion in the Buffalo region was simply a promise.  Since it was first announced two year ago, about a third of the billion had been committed.  But now, all of it is part of the state budget.

State Senator Tim Kennedy said the funding will go a long way to replace the jobs that have been lost over the past decades.

"We're fulfilling the billion dollar promise with actual money," Kennedy said.  "It's going to bring back those jobs to our region."

Also, after a winter that left many roads in our area filled with potholes, Kennedy said the new budget contains a big boost in funding for what's known as CHIPS -- the Consolidated Highway Improvement Program.

"We put in $40 million to improve our roads and infrastructure," Kennedy told WBFO News.  "Localities will have the support to repair the crumbling roads and bridges after this very difficult winter."

Kennedy said he heard from many local municipal officials who complained this winter has stretched their budgets near the breaking point.