Buffalo to implement ‘pay-by-cell’ parking

Oct 16, 2015

Buffalo's parking system is getting a major update. Mayor Byron Brown announced a plan Friday for a new "pay-by-cell" parking program that will let motorists pay for metered parking with their mobile devices.

Drivers will no longer have to make payments at meter boxes and printed receipts will no longer be needed as proof of payment.

Parking commissioner Kevin Helfer (c.) and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown (l.) detailed the city's new pay-by-cell parking system.
Credit Jonny Moran/WBFO News

“As we continue to see the economic resurgence in the city, we are working to upgrade our parking systems. We want to make sure our parking systems are customer friendly and efficient,” said Brown. "Those days of digging for change, looking for your credit card or your debit card are soon going to be over in the City of Buffalo."

Buffalo Parking Commissioner Kevin Helfer says the new system will ease curbside hassles, eliminating unnecessary interactions with meters.

“Fifteen minutes before your time expires, you’re going to get a text that says ‘Was your parking time adequate? If it wasn’t would you like to purchase another hour or another two hours?’ So it’s incredibly user-friendly. People who get tickets today for their meters running overtime, that should be a thing of the past,” said Helfer.

People will still have the option to use the traditional pay-and-display boxes, which Brown says will be upgraded to a 3G cellular network to speed up transactions.

The upgrades are expected to be finished by spring.