Buffalo Public School 82 now in "good standing"

Dec 2, 2017

A Buffalo Public school has been removed from the state Education Department's Priority School list.

State Education Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia announced the removal of 27-schools in four districts from the list Friday.  The schools now meet the criteria and have shown improvement on state assessments. Public School 82, the Early Childhood Center on the city's East Side, will be removed. The District's Chief Accountability Officer, Dr. Genelle Morris, says the school is now in good standing.

State Education Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia
Credit WBFO / WBFO

"They've made improvements for two years in a row, particularly in measures that are required for accountability for the state and for schools. And so, their progress was reviewed, and they've made enough progress to come off the list and become good standing."

Schools must show progress from the last two school years in English Language Arts and mathematics to be removed. Regents Chancellor Betty Rosa says although there is progress in 'struggling' and 'persistently struggling schools', there is still a 'great deal of work' to be done to reduce the gap.