Buffalo School Board removing half-days from school schedule

Apr 2, 2012

Saying they just aren't worth the trouble, Buffalo schools want to do away with those "half-days," half-days of class and half-days of professional development for teachers.

The district has seven of them this year and wants none next year, although that depends on what Albany does about Regents tests during the year.

"There's limited benefit to the teachers and I'm sure it's very frustrating for the parents as well," said school board member John Licata.

So, district administrators argue they have to go.

Interim Superintendent Amber Dixon says there are all kinds of problems.

"We've heard from parents about it in terms of  the struggle they have to find day care,"  Dixon said.

"We see that (student) attendance drops on half-days."

Dixon says the professional development time for teachers in the rest of the day doesn't work well either.