Buffalo School District set to expand pre-K

Aug 19, 2014

A round of state funding is allowing the Buffalo Public School District to expand its pre-kindergarten program.  The governor is providing $340 million to 81 school districts and community groups statewide for pre-kindergarten programs.

Buffalo Public School District registration sign.
Credit WBFO News file photo

The Buffalo District is receiving more than $2.6 million.  This will allow the district to meet the demand for parents seeking pre-k.  

Credit WBFO News file photo

Dr. Kathleen Fennie is supervisor of Early Childhood  Education for Buffalo School.  Fennie tells WBFO News they're ready to open four pre-k classrooms and 15-classes at its community-based organizations at the start of this school year.

"We'll have one at the bilingual school, one at West Hertel, one at Houghton Academy and one at Frank Sedita," said Fennie. 

In addition, the District will add 15-pre-k classes at its community-based organizations. "CAO, Bethel, Holy Cross, St. Joe's, Buff State and Our Lady of Black Rock, said Fennie. 

This state funding will allow the city school district to welcome  342-additional new students for the start of the new school year in September.    

"We needed more seats for pre-k children. We have a huge influx of culturally and linguistly versed children. We also have just a shortage of space for kids who want to come to pre-k," said Fennie.