Buffalo State students attending Presidential Inauguration

Jan 21, 2013

A group of Buffalo State College students is in Washington Monday for the Presidential Inauguration. Forty-eight students and three faculty and staff members left for D.C. last night.  WBFO's Eileen Buckley spoke with a professor and student about their views on the President's leadership.

When President Obama took office four years ago  there was much excitement and hope as the democratic party regain the nation's top office. But the inauguration was also historic as Obama became the nation's first African-American President.

"I'm an African American male myself. I really appreciate that this country looked beyond this guys racial background," said  Dr. Ron Stewart, professor of Sociology at Buffalo State College. 

Dr. Ron Stewart, professor of Sociology at Buffalo State College
Credit Photo from Ron Stewart's Facebook page

Stewart is in D.C. Monday for the Inauguration.  Stewart says he hopes today is a unified event that brings the nation together, despite the differences over issues on the economy and gun control

"I think they just need to really give the man a break and let him lead.  Like his leadership on gun control.   But he continues to have that type of opposition that seemingly will not go away, but in spite of it he's pushing his agenda, and that's what I think he should continue to do," said Stewart.

Professor Stewart said some of the students joining him in Washington voted for the first time for a President in the November, and believes Monday event will be a teachable moment. 

Muhammed Sumbundu, Buffalo State senior
Credit Photo from Muhammed Sumbundu Facebook page

Student Muhammed Sumbundu is senior at Buffalo State majoring in political science.  He's also in Washington for the inauguration.    

"The student expressed desire to participate in a watershed moment in our history, by attending the second inauguration of the first black President. Attending this inauguration is a confirmation of hope and realization that dreams come true and that anyone can be President."

WBFO News asked Sumbundu and Stewart what their message would be to  President Obama as he is about to lead the country over the next four years 

"My message to President Obama is to always keep the country at heart when making decisions," said Sumbundu.

"To have his agenda, and he should push forward despite of the opposition, and I think the country will get behind him," said Stewart.