Canalside Carousel closer to reality

Jul 29, 2015

If all goes according to plan, there could be some new attractions at Canalside in the not too distant future.

A historic carousel, like this one located at the Herschell Carousel Factory Museum in North Tonawanda, could be coming to the Buffalo waterfront.

Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation Chairman Robert Gioia says he is "delighted" with the progress made so far to bring a restored carousel to Canalside. Gioia says the state, the city and private developers are working together to find the best location for it.  

"This isn't something you just sort of plop down and then move quickly," notes Gioia.

"It's something that you really need to plan and what their costs are for infrastructure and support system for it too. We're anxious to get to a good place with them so that they can move forward and do their fundraising they need to do."

Meanwhile, Gioia says the ECHDC has made a "significant offer" to the Explore and More Children's Museum about opening at Canalside. He says Explore and More and the Carousel group are excited about working together.

"Two venues that really deserve to be on Canalside," says Gioia. "Exactly where? We're finalizing those details."

Gioia says the ECHDC hopes to get a response from Explore and More in a couple of weeks.