Changes coming for funding county culturals

Mar 26, 2012

Cultural agencies receiving funding from Erie County are facing fewer strings attached to the money coming from the Rath Building.

During recent years, many culturals were required to accept Collins Administration appointees to their boards and provide free tickets to events even if the tickets were eventually not used.

In some cases, culturals saw their money delayed until the appointments were made.

That's even when in other cases, there was no longer a county grant but the appointees stayed on boards.

The Poloncarz Administration is not only putting more money into culturals, it's getting rid of some of the rules.

"What we have here is an overall different philosophy between the Collins administration and the Poloncarz administration," said Environment and Planning Commissioner Maria Whyte.

"For County Executive Poloncarz,  this (issuing comp tickets, forcing board appointments) was really an unnecessarily intrusive  overreach of power."

Checks for the new cultural money have been going out, as the mandatory paperwork is filed first.