Chef's closed thanks to burst water pipe

Jan 27, 2014

A popular Buffalo restaurant has been forced to close temporarily. Chef's co-owner Lou Billittier says water damaged four floors of his building Sunday when a faulty furnace caused a pipe to freeze and burst.

Billittier says it appears strong winds blew out a furnace and when the temperature dropped, a frozen water pipe burst. He says the attic, second floor offices, first floor dining rooms, kitchens and basement were damaged.


But he says all of the celebrity photos on the walls fared pretty well.

"There's a little bit of water damage, but they're not bad. Luckily, every picture we put up, we've got a digital file of it just for that reason, so if anything were to happen, we wouldn't lose the picture forever," Billittier says.

Billittier says he hopes to reopen the Seneca Street institution by Wednesday or Thursday.

He says he feels bad for Chef's customers and his more than 100 employees.