City kicks off anti-bullying campaign

Buffalo, NY – Mayor Byron Brown unveiled Buffalo's new anti-bullying campaign in an effort to stop bullying at local schools.

"Buffalo's stance on bullying is that we will bulldoze bullying, we will not tolerate it, we wont tolerate it in our schools and we wont tolerate it in our community," said Mayor Brown.

Brown announced the new anti-bullying campaign that targets children across the City. Emerson High School students said they hope their message raises awareness about the dangers of bullying in schools.

James Weimer is Emerson's principal.

"I understand bullying to be a problem all over in schools, and our young people have shown their leadership by taking on this task...their leadership in our school is extremely important in combating bullying,: said Weimer.

Buffalo is the first city in the state to participate in an anti-bullying campaign.

Executive Director of citizens rights and community relations Crystal Rodriguez Lane said there are 16-billboards across the City and on the back of NFTA buses that now carry the anti-bullying message.

"It's not cool to be the bully, and it's not cool to be the by stander either and it's certainly not cool to be the victim either, so more kids are getting involved, more kids are realizing that it's not just something that happens, and we want everyone to understand how serious it is because, we don't want and tragedies that have happened nationally to happen here in the city of Buffalo," sais Lane.

Lane said she hopes this campaign will allow students and parents to realize the seriousness bullying.