Climate rally: “No Nukes – No Hike – No Pipe”

Mar 24, 2017

A Climate Change Justice rally was staged in downtown Buffalo Friday and targeted two area business leaders. 

Climate Change Justice protest inside the lobby of Delaware North in Buffalo.
Credit WBFO News photo by Chris Caya

Protesters began a rally at a Main Street location outside Sinatra Realty and march to Delaware Avenue to the inside lobby of the Delaware North Building. 

“Climate Justice is our right – no nukes – no hike – no pipe! “shouted protesters.

Activist John Washington tells WBFO News they are protesting both local and national climate justice issues.    

Main Street location outside Sinatra Realty
Credit WBFO News photo by Chris Caya

“This action is about climate justice – both nationally and locally. We are rejecting Trump’s climate agenda. We are also protesting the Northern Access Pipeline, National Fuel’s increase of 20% for the fuel prices for homes in Buffalo and the nuclear bailout the state legislature is proposing,” explained Washington.

Protesters specifically targeted Buffalo developer Nick Sinatra and Delaware North CEO Jeremy Jacobs for their support of President Donald Trump. Protesters said they helped raise over a million dollars after President Trump was elected. 

“And they are large Trump supporters and we want to let them know that climate justice is a right and where ever Donald Trump supporters are the people who oppose his agenda are going to be in the way,” remarked Washington.

Protesters at rally outside Delaware North.
Credit WBFO News photo by Chris Caya

Monday activist will appear in Albany to protest against the Northern Access Pipeline.

“We’re also ask Governor Cuomo to support the community and climate act because we know a lot of the funding that comes from New York State, through the EPA is not going to be coming any more – we need to find new, creative ways to protect our environment in the state,” explained Washington.