Coalition calls for new Amtrak station in Buffalo

Jan 18, 2016

The Partnership for the Public Good has released its annual policy agenda Friday. The initiatives are developed in cooperation with more than 200 non-profit and community groups.

Much of the focus is on social issues like  election reform, paid family leave and community policing. There is also a call for a new multi-modal transportation center.

Amtrack Exchange Street Station in downtown Buffalo.
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"I think with all the excitement around downtown, people are frankly embarrassed by the Amtrak station downtown," said  PPG co-director Sam Magavern. 

"They know that Niagara Falls, Syracuse, Albany, Rochester--- all the other main stops on the main line--- have gotten new Amtrak stations,  so it's kind of our turn."

The PPG and its hundreds of partners compile the agenda to help identify top policy actions that state and local government can act on in the coming year to improve the quality of life across the region.

Some of the other priorities that PPG will be urging state and local government to act on this year include fair elections in the City of Buffalo, raising the age of criminal responsibility in New York State, community policing and paid family leave.