Coalition seeks lead testing in school water supplies

May 22, 2016

A coalition of groups in New York is calling on state legislators to take action to keep lead out of school drinking water.

Several school districts in New York, including Ithaca and Binghamton, have closed off taps and drinking fountains because of elevated levels of lead in the water supply.

Jeff Jones is a policy adviser to the Healthy Schools Network in New York. In an interview on the Capitol Pressroom on WBFO, Jones said testing for lead is key.

"We want legislation that would mandate all schools to test their water for lead and copper contamination at the tap," Jones said. "If those toxins are found in the water, then we want the school to provide safe drinking and cooking water."

Jones says lead levels are elevated, then that information should be immediately provided to parents. He says a funding source is also needed to pay for remediation such as the installation of filters or new pipes.