Common Core creates issues for student teachers

Feb 24, 2014

A firestorm of controversy has surrounded the implementation of the Common Core learning standards in New York State. While many of the concerns have centered on students and teachers, little has been heard about the impact on student teachers.

With requirements and standards changing frequently, teachers in training find themselves in the same uncertain position as teachers in the classroom.

Credit WBFO News file photo

Buffalo State College Education Dean and Professor of School of Education, Wendy Patterson, says a key problem is there are fewer teachers willing to have a student teacher in the classroom.

Patterson says teachers are worried about interference with test preparation.

"It is somewhat daunting for our kids when they go into classrooms and teachers that they work with are discouraged. Many of them have lost a great deal of creativity," said Patterson.

Patterson said there are more requirements for student teachers, like the new portfolios and the videotape of the student teaching a class. Albany has reverted to an old rule from many years ago, requiring prospective teachers to file video of their classroom teaching.

There are now four required tests for student teachers with $600 in fees.