Cuomo announces launch of New York-Israel Commission

Mar 5, 2017

On Sunday Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new organization designed to improve economic and cultural relations between New York and Israel.

Gov. Cuomo giving remarks at King David Hotel in Jerusalem
Credit Press office Gov. Andrew Cuomo

The New York-Israel Commission was announced during Cuomo's economic development and unity trip to Israel following a meeting with Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and Isreali business leaders.

"New adventures between New York and Israel, we discussed the anti-Semitism that has been going on in the United States and around New York. We believe this is actually an opportune time to enhance the relationship because to the extent anyone believes that they can separate the New York people or the Jewish community or the New York people from Israel, they are sadly mistaken."

Mort Zuckerman will serve as honorary chair of the commission and Malcolm Hoenlein, Linda Mirels and Allen Faigin will serve as co-chairs. The commission is made of 22 members that will work to expand in areas of trade and counter terrorism operations.  The organization will also support academic and research exchanges between SUNY and CUNY colleges and Israeli Universities.