Cuomo expresses shame over federal hurricane response in Puerto Rico

Feb 4, 2018

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he's "ashamed" that this country failed to help Puerto Rico recover faster from last year's hurricane.

Rally in support of Puerto Rican hurricane victims
Credit Photo courtesy of Governor Andrew Cuomo's press office

Cuomo made the remarks Saturday during a rally in the Bronx with Puerto Rico's Governor Ricardo Rossello.

Cuomo wants more government money to be allocated to fund the island's recovery. He says Trump administration officials showed what he called "disrespect" toward the people of Puerto Rico for not helping out more after Hurricane Maria, which left much of the island without electricity.

A companion rally was held at the Belle Center in Buffalo. Dozens were in attendance, including Lieutenant-Governor Kathy Hochul. She said New Yorkers are not abandoning their fellow citizens in Puerto Rico.