Cuomo offers no timetable for fracking decision

Aug 22, 2012

Governor Andrew Cuomo says there is no timetable for making a final decision that would allow hydro-fracturing in New York. 

Cuomo has been keeping activists from both sides of the fracking issue in suspense.  Environmentalists are seeking a ban on the controversial procedure.  Drillers want to go ahead with fracking -- a process that uses large amounts of water, sand and chemicals to extract natural gas from shale. 

The Governor addressed the issue with reporters Wednesday during a break in a policy conference he was attending in New York City.

"I understand the emotion.  I understand the passion.  I understand the demonstrations.  We've seen them pro, and we've seen them con," Cuomo said.  "Let's make the decision on the facts.  Let the science dictate the conclusion.  And that's just what we're doing."

Some 350 protesters demonstrated against fracking outside the conference site in midtown Manhattan.  They say if Cuomo plans to run for president in 2016, he runs the risk of alienating traditional Democratic Party voters should he approve fracking in New York.