Development reaches into forgotten neighborhood

Mar 29, 2017

A vacant building in a struggling area will be getting a makeover, after approval from the city Planning Board. The $5 million project at Jewett Avenue and Halbert looks to build upon the successful development of the nearby Tri-Main Center.

The proposed development for Jewett and Halbert would incorporate some of Buffalo's legacy industrial infrastructure.
Credit rendering from BNHT Architects

The massive Tri-Main complex once served as a manufacturing facility for windshield wipers. Through the years it has evolved into a hot spot for emerging companies in Buffalo.

"The diverse population within the building helps to generate kind of leads for other tenants," said architect William Hovey.

"We have Neglia Ballet in there, Landies Candies, Great Arrow Graphics, just numerous different types of tenants which bring a broad, plus a huge not-for-profit, art, the Buffalo Art Studio is there."

Hovey told the Planning Board part of the project involves replacing part of the nearby building with a new two-story connecting structure with a visible main entrance.

"To support this, we're adding a new entrance at the connecting link between where the new two-story section is going and the existing three-story," Hovey explained.