Discussions continue slowly in teacher disputes

Jan 3, 2013

The Buffalo School District has two weeks to have a teacher evaluation plan approved in Albany or face the loss of millions in aid the fiscally-strapped system can't afford to lose.

The Buffalo Teachers Federation has been refusing to bargain as long as the district fights an arbitrator's decision saying the system violated the unions contract in the way it transferred some teachers.

Schools Superintendent Pamela Brown says she has talked with BTF President Phil Rumore by phone and aides to both are talking but no bargaining sessions are slated.

"We continue to be in conversation with them," Brown told WBFO News.

"We continue to try to negotiate a settlement agreement on the litigation issue, which from the perspective of the BTF has been seen as a barrier to continuing discussion about the A.P.P.R. plan."

Brown would not talk about staff layoffs, something she discussed several weeks ago as a possibility if the state money doesn't come.