Donations for hurricane relief effort headed south

Sep 11, 2017

A local donation drive for people in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey wrapped up Monday. Major Thomas Applin, Executive Director of the Salvation Army of Erie County says, the supplies headed south include bottled water, sheets, blankets and personal care items. 

Salvation Army Maj.Thomas Applin
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

"We're so grateful to this county for responding as they have. And I would say this is typical of our county. People wanting to help take care of people in other places," Applin said.

So far, he says, there's been no advisories or requests for donations for people affected by Hurricane Irma.
"It'll take a few days for that to all get organized. Although the Salvation Army has people already pre-deployed in Florida to start meeting needs almost immediately. And equipment is being moved there as we speak. So we'll know pretty quickly what kinds of things are needed," Applin said.   
He says 100% of monetary donations made to the Salvation Army for disaster relief go to the communities impacted by the hurricanes.