Earth Day 2015: Climate change and nature selfies

Apr 22, 2015

Climate change and nature selfies are among the hot topics as we celebrate Earth Day today.

WBFO Host Jay Moran spoke with the Environmental Protection Agency Regional Administrator Judith Enck about Earth Day on Morning Edition Tuesday.

Enck notes 2014 was the hottest year on record. She says 14 of the 15 warmest years on record have happened in the last 15 years and she adds numerous scientific papers have been published on climate change.  

"Ninety-seven percent of the published climate papers agree that climate change is happening and that human activity such as how we generate electricity with fossil fuel, transportation, human activities are the primary cause," says Enck. "My hope for this Earth Day is that we acknowledge the scientific consensus. Stop debating whether climate change is real and really move on to an action agenda."

On another note, the EPA is encouraging everyone to get out and enjoy nature on this Earth Day and using social media to spread the word. 

"Go outside, go walk in the park, look at the Great Lakes, appreciate nature and take a picture of yourself," she says. 

Enck says you can submit your picture to the EPA Flicker Page by using #NatureSelfie. 

The EPA is encourage you to post a #NatureSelfie on social media today for Earth Day.
Credit Courtesy of EPA.Gov