Economic summit: Accelerate Upstate 2.0

Jan 28, 2013

An economic summit will be held in Buffalo Tuesday that is designed to focus on the needs of the upstate workforce.   The Buffalo Niagara Partnership is hosting Accelerate Upstate 2.0  two at the Convention Center downtown.

"Where is economic development now? All the things that the governor has down  Governor  -- are they working," said Craig Turner, vice president, Buffalo Niagara Partnership.   He said  they want to find out if employers at "comfort" level to make an investment and create new jobs in Upstate New York.

"Some things that we see that still needs to happen is reform," said Turner.  "Regulatory reform, stream lining the economic development system to ensure we can compete with other states."

Discussions at accelerate upstate will also focus on how business can tap into the nearby Canadian market.   

Turner tells WBFO News a variety of companies in in this region are trying to figure out what the formula to grow their  business over the border -- the fastest growing market in North-America.

"It's going to take a concerted effort by all of us," said Turner.

Tuesday's summit will feature  a worker force development expert how to recruit and hire Millennials --  workers from the Millennial generation -- especially as this upstate faces an aging workforce.