Electrical Worker Dies at Kenmore West High School

Aug 30, 2017

The Kenmore-Tonawanda school district has announced that a worker in an electrical closet died in an accident before 7:30 Wednesday morning at Kenmore West High School.

Kenmore West High School

At this point the identity of the victim or the subcontractor employing the worker have not been released.

Electrical work was being done as part of the school district's capital project, in an area away from student and staff access.

Teachers had returned to the building Tuesday, but students won't be back until next week.

The Kenmore Tonawanda School District issued the following statement:

"The Ken-Ton School District was deeply saddened to learn that a worker with an electrical sub-contractor passed away Wednesday, August 30 as a result of an accident that took place while electrical work was being conducted in a district building.

The hearts and thoughts of staff are with the worker's family and friends, and our sincerest sympathies are extended to all those affected by this loss.

The district is fully cooperating with the investigation of this matter, and remains committed to ensuring that work on district property is performed safely and in accordance with all applicable workplace standards."