Elmwood Village Charter School looking to expand

Jan 15, 2014

Buffalo's Elmwood Village Charter School wants to expand its Days Park building upwards, as its ranks of students expand.

The school's plan for adding classrooms to the second floor of the former public school is in front of the Planning Board, delayed Tuesday when the board couldn't get a quorum.

Elmwood Village Charter School is looking to expand
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Director John Sheffield says the costs and the construction schedule haven't been determined yet although there might be three classrooms completed by September. Sheffield says expansion would eventually allow two sections of each grade.

"We're currently K-8. The expansion is about having two sections at each grade level. We currently have two K-3 and the expansion will accommodate the expansion to two classrooms grades 4 through 8," Sheffield says.

Sheffield says Albany approved the expansion of students toward 450 in renewing the charter, as those second sections of grades are added. He says the school currently has 325 students.

The school is successful enough there were 460 entrants in the lottery for admission with only around 35 kindergarten openings after sibling admissions. Some students are admitted after fourth grade as a few students switch to admission test schools.