8:28 am
Wed December 18, 2013

Falls police use team approach in fighting drugs

Niagara Falls has rejoined the Niagara County Drug Task Force, after years of not being part of the countywide effort.

Police Chief Bryan DalPorto says one of his officers is already assigned to the task force and some of its members are working in sections of the Cataract City. There have already been some arrests in Niagara Falls by officers connected to the task force. The chief says his officers are also members of a series of joint policing efforts along the international border.

"Narcotics dealers know no jurisdictional boundaries," DalPorto said.

"Having the broad range of jurisdiction that the sheriff's office has really paid dividends to us in the city and I think our knowledge of the drug dealers that are in the city that sometimes cross out into the county is an asset to the sheriff's office."

DalPorto says his city isn't alone in having a drug problem and is dealing with an increasing array of drugs, from methamphetamine to bath salts.

He says there is also the problem of misuse of prescription drugs and his police force has some experience in dealing with that problem.