Filmmaker Michael Moore gives kudos to Occupy Buffalo

Nov 17, 2011

 The Occupy Buffalo movement received a video YouTube kudos message from national filmmaker Michael Moore.  

Moore told local Occupy members he is "proud" of their effort.

"Hello Occupy Buffalo. I'm so proud of you for what you are doing up there.  I know it is getting colder and it's going to be difficult, so you are going to have to think of some creative ways to get through the winter. But this movement is growing every where, you are part of millions," said Moore.

Moore also encouraged Occupy Buffalo members to make their voice heard and not to pull back on their efforts.

You can view Moore's message on line at


Meanwhile, members of Occupy Buffalo boarded busses early Thursday morning and headed to Albany to participate the National Day of Action.  Occupy Wall Street is marking the day with several demonstrations. 

Occupy Buffalo members say their goal is to hand-deliver hundreds of petitions to Governor Andrew Cuomo that were signed by citizens.  The petitions call on the Governor to extend the so-called millionaire's tax.  That tax is due to expire at the end of year