A fly-along with relief workers in Puerto Rico

Oct 6, 2017

It's day 16 without electricity for most of Puerto Rico.

Two weeks ago, Hurricane Maria hit the island as a Category 4 storm, wiping out the whole power grid. As of Friday, only half of Puerto Rico had safe drinking water.

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The federal relief effort for the island has been criticized as slow and insufficient.

“Since the storm, we haven’t had much assistance,” says Heidi Orndoff, who lives in a little town right outside of Fajardo.

But the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other federal personnel are there trying to help.

The World's Jasmine Garsd met some them, on a mission to deliver food and water via helicopter.

"The crew we were with today was extremely professional, extremely kind. But the reality is, Marco [host of The World], it took about three hours of bureaucracy and red tape just to take off the ground and do one mission," says Garsd. "And I don’t know how long that amount of food and water is going to last."

And there are bigger problems: How are they going to refrigerate things? How are people going to get medicine? It just felt like a drop in the bucket, says Garsd. 

To hear more about the fly-along, listen to the interview, above.

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