Flynn wins Erie County DA

Nov 9, 2016

John Flynn will be Erie County's next District Attorney. The Democratic candidate emerged from an early dead heat to defeat Republican Joseph Treanor by 10 percentage points, unofficially.

Democrat John Flynn (left) beat Republican Joe Treanor for Erie County District Attorney.
Credit WNED|WBFO Debate

Flynn, who has experience as a former Assistant DA, vowed to change the way the DA's Office handles its business.

"Evidence, the rule of law and the interest of people will drive my decisions and policies," Flynn told supporters. "That's the pledge I made and one I'm renewing right now."

Across town, Treanor accepted defeat and paid compliments to those currently working within the office:

"There are a lot of great professionals down there [in the DA's Office]," told WBFO after he conceded defeat. "It is my sincere hope that Mr. Flynn retains them because that was my intention as well, you know, to keep good people and just maybe reorient some of the efforts that they're working on."  

Republican Joseph Treanor gives concession speech at GOP event Tuesday night.
Credit WBFO News photo by Eileen Buckley

On that point, "The office is manned with about 90 assistant district attorneys who are excellent individuals," Flynn told WBFO. "They are excellent attorneys. They are great people. So, all I'm gonna do is build on that pool of talent in that office and make it the best law firm in Buffalo. That's kinda what I'm gonna do."

Acting DA Michael Flaherty Flaherty assumed the office following the departure of Frank Sedita for a judge's seat.
After losing to Flynn in the Democratic Primary, Flaherty endorsed Treanor in this race.