Food pantry collaboration crosses religious lines

May 21, 2015

Bishop of Buffalo Richard Malone and Temple Beth Zion Senior Rabbi Gary Pokras took part in the grand opening of a food pantry Wednesday. The partnership is aimed at helping some of the less fortunate residents of Amherst.

Credit Chris Caya/WBFO news

"You learn that even  in places you would not have imagined it, there is a quiet, often-hidden kind of real need," Malone said.

"And if we're here to assist with that, that's God's work."

The event took place at the new Town Square Food Pantry on the Weinberg Campus.

Town of Amherst Senior Services Director Pamela Krawczyk says more than  eight percent of Getville residents live below the poverty line.

"You talk about seniors moving out- the snowbirds. Well, what happens is generally people move back into the community," Krawczyk explained.

These are "seniors generally over the age of 85. And a lot of times they spent down a lot of their income. And they're also at a much higher level of frailty. And so those are the people that are truly in need."
Rabbi Pokras says he's absolutely thrilled to be working with the local Catholic community.  

"I am absolutely convinced that God did not put us on this planet to fight with each other. God out us here to serve each other and to grow closer to God through each other," Pokras said.

The Town Square Food Pantry is located at 2710 North Forest Road Getzville. It's open to serve all Amherst residents on Tuesdays and Fridays.