Grisanti plans to press charges

Feb 20, 2012

State Senator Mark Grisanti now says he will pursue charges against the women he claims attacked his wife.

The incident happened at the Seneca Niagara Casino after a fundraising event for diabetes where the Grisanti's attended to see their daughter sing. 

Grisanti issued a statement over the weekend saying he plans to press charges for the attack that involved his wife Maria that left her with injuries and concussion.  The Grisanti's continue to maintain they were attacked as the senator tried to break up a fight between two Seneca members.

Well-known defense attorney Paul Cambria is the latest participant in the aftermath of a bar fight at the Casino involving Grisanti.

Cambria announced Sunday that he has been retained by Seneca Nation businessman Eric White and his wife Kristina.

Grisanti alleges that White punched him as he tried to intervene in an argument between White and another Seneca businessman. 

Cambria says the Whites told police at one point that they wanted to file charges against the Grisanti's.

The Seneca Tribal Council says it wants an apology from Grisanti for his involvement in the brawl.   But Grisanti is refusing to apologize. 

The following is the full statement released by Grisanti:    

 "My wife Maria and I continue to stand by our account on what happened the night of Friday, February 10 at the Seneca Niagara Casino. We have provided a full description of the activities that took place to the Niagara Falls Police Department to assist them in their ongoing investigation.     I have said numerous times, that I do not hold the Seneca Nation, Seneca President, or the Seneca Tribal Council responsible for this isolated and unfortunate event. We deeply regret the fallout that has ensued following this unfortunate turn of events against the Seneca Nation and its people. I have always had a strong relationship with the Seneca Nation.  I was always taught; when you make a mistake or do something wrong apologies are in order. However, we will not apologize for the vicious attack that took place against my wife Maria. We did not do anything wrong. All of my actions were instinctive to protect my wife, and are what any other man would have done under these circumstances. As far as I'm concerned the incident was not over until my wife was safely in my arms.

Additionally, we would also like to let the public know that our family has made a decision to press charges against Maria's attackers. It is time to let the law enforcement and judicial systems do its job. We have always been trying to achieve full transparency. We have no problem and we encourage the Seneca Niagara Casino to release the tapes." said Grisanti.