Hamister Described as Passionate Sports Team Owner

Buffalo, NY – The man that some speculate could be the next owner of the Buffalo Sabres is operating a number of successful companies in the region. Local businessman Mark Hamister is reportedly leading an investor group in an effort to buy the Sabres, but will not discuss it publicly.

Hamister is described as a man with a great deal of "passion" for his sports teams. Brendan McDaniels, director of media relations for the Buffalo Destroyers, says as a leader, Hamister gets involved with all his companies. McDaniels says Hamister never hides out in his office, but is a CEO who attends sales meetings, talks with his staffers and is at all Destroyers games -- home or away.

"He's passionate about the team and the people that work for him," McDaniels said. "Mark has been proven as a successful businessman throughout the year's and he is bringing that to the arena football league."

McDaniels would not confirm that Hamister is leading a local group to buy the Sabres. He says he is not allow to discuss the matter and made it clear before our interview that the Sabres were "off limits." But he describes Hamister as a real sports fan.

"Mark is the happiest person for the team when we win and most upset person when we lose," McDaniels said.

McDaniels says Hamister was born and raised in Western New York and has remained committed to developing and growing business right here.

"These days, you do not see people stay in one city throughout his life," McDaniels continued. "But Mark is one of those people who decided he wanted to put a business here and grow it."

The Hamister Group of Companies includes National Health Care Affiliates, the MedLink Group -- home health care agencies -- and Bromptom Heights nursing homes.

North American Sports -- his arena football teams -- include the Destroyers, Rochester Brigade and a Dayton, Ohio arena football team that is expected to begin play next year. He also owns Premier Self Storage.