Hearings continue on Masica's status with BMHA

Dec 21, 2015

A public hearing examining the suspension of BMHA commissioner Joe Mascia is scheduled to resume in Buffalo today, several months after he was recorded uttering racial slurs.

Former BMHA Commissioner Leonard Williams
Credit Chris Caya/wbfo news

Former Housing Authority Commissioner Leonard Williams says racism isn't the main issue. Williams says it's about whether or not Mascia can represent the majority of BMHA residents who are African-American.  

"You can't talk about the African-American leadership as you heard on tape and then say, 'Yes, I understand African-Americans, I can represent African-Americans,'" Williams told WBFO News.

"Joe is out for Joe."
Williams was among the people Mascia described with a racial slur. He says after working with Mascia on the Housing Authority for several years he was surprised when he heard him speaking candidly.