Heroin problem hitting new heights

Jun 5, 2015

A growing suburban drug problem has grabbed the attention of Cheektowaga's many neighborhood and taxpayer groups.

Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

Last night, it was the Dick-Urban Community Association meeting in Maryvale Primary School.

Police Lieutenant Thomas Gerace was there as the head of the Vice, Gambling and Narcotics Unit.

Gerace says the extent of the problem in his town can be gauged by the use of Narcan, the drug used to reverse heroin overdoses.
"We're probably averaging weekly use, sometimes multiple times a week," Gerace said.

"Some weeks, I don't know of any cases this week but we've had enough uses in previous weeks to average out about at least once if not more than once a week."

Gerace says heroin has become such a popular drug that dealers are switching to selling it and moving away from marijuana or crack cocaine or even moving into a supermarket of dangerous drugs. He says a number of town associations have asked him to talk about the drug problem.