Higgins questions shipping uranium through WNY

Mar 19, 2016

Plans are being made for the shipment of highly enriched uranium waste across the Canadian border and into the US.

This radioactive liquid waste will be headed for South Carolina, but its route could take it across the Peace Bridge and through the Buffalo area. Congressman Brian Higgins believes this plan could pose a security risk to the region.

Congressman Brian Higgins
Credit WBFO News File Photo / WBFO News

"The post 9-11 era needs to be taken into consideration. The Peace Bridge is the largest border crossing between the United States and Canada for passenger and commercial vehicles. It will be a major target, a high impact target for terrorist activity."

Higgins is also urging the US Department of Energy to conduct a full Environmental Impact study as a spill of any portion of the 6,000 gallons of liquid radioactive waste could pose threats to the Niagara River and the Great Lakes.

The first of 150 shipments could begin later this year.