Horse and carriage rides at Delaware Park

Buffalo, NY – Olmsted parks conservancy unveiled plans to bring back a piece of Buffalo's twenty first century.

Horse and Carriage rides will be offered in Delaware park and along Hoyt Lake, behind the Albright Knox Art Gallery. The Carriage rides have not been done in the park since the 1800's.

Director of strategic initiatives Otis Glover said bringing back a piece of history will help the parks flourish in the future.

"What we want to do in terms of the restoration is bring back those memories, those opportunities and those things that will allow the olmsted communities to participate in the years going by and the granger there in," said Glover.

Conservancy Director Thomas Herrera-Mishler expects the carriage rides will be a popular attraction.

The carriage rides will be offered Sunday afternoons from one till 5.

Conservancy officials said they also plan to have sleigh rides and a winter festival for people to enjoy during the cold weather months.